Nerd Card

At Nerdsway, we are nerds about your style and fit because we want to celebrate you and your unique body and look.

It is for this reason that we formed a special card, to give you a discount off any purchase with us now (and forever). This card gives you lifetime membership for a 30% discount on your first purchase and 5% discount off any further purchases.
This is in addition to any other discounts being offered to any one else; to thank you for your love, loyalty and for just buying from us.

Please note that this is not a debit or credit card. Therefore, it can ONLY be used for purchases on or where sold offline.

To get your hands on one, send us a message requesting a nerd card using our contact form after making your first purchase. In the contact form, please use the same email as what you used in the order process. We shall promptly send out your card with your order and a refund of 30% of your total purchase amount to the payment method you used.