Nerdsway is an apparel brand born in Los Angeles, California, with one purpose; to get you simple, stylish, fitting apparel online. Quality, simplicity and user experience is carefully considered in everything we touch. We want to make sure you like every piece you get from us that we use proprietary software to fit you to our outfits based on simply telling us which brand and size you wear.  We look for the best quality materials available for each piece because we want each item we ship to represent our work, effort and workmanship.

A NerdsWay Welcome Package
Welcome to quality fitting outfits

Using your measurements, you can purchase a size that fits you outright or ask for a free adjustment starting with the closest size and sending us information about the brand and size you normally wear.
To achieve this, we use some help from software algorithms, machine learning, your feedback and sometimes, directly corresponding with other apparel brands for more accurate measurements.

Most brands have different measurements even for the same size and item. These size measurements also change with time and location. We keep track of all this for you so that you can be confident that your Nerdsway purchase will always fit you in a familiar, but more stylish way.

Yes. Shipping is free and will always be. Also, returns are free according to our return policy. Our main goal is to get you stylish apparel in genuine highest quality material yet at affordable prices and in a fit perfect for your body. We believe you deserve this..and it is such a smart decision to reward yourself by buying Nerdsway apparel. 🙂

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